Lerato Educational Centre

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05/07/2017 WernerPieters

Lerato Educational Centre

We believe in giving back to those most in need and as part of this belief we actively donate to Mad Okes Charity.

In June we donated over 60 BLANKETS to the Lerato Educational Centre.


A Tuesday Morning Field Trip

Situated a short way up the R554 to Lenasia off the old Vereeniging road I turned down an obscure dirt road. Easy to miss this dirt road marks the start of the start of the Eikenhof informal settlement.

Met by the site of brightly coloured containers and a sports field I turned into the gates adjacent a small sign indicating that I was at the right place.

Bustling all around are small children in school uniform rushing to form a line as they wait for their teach to lead them off to class from break time.

The grounds keeper notices my arrival and promptly motions to come unlock the wire mesh gate, welcoming me in.


Sister Helen

Having parked in the limited space available for cars I switch the engine off take a quick sip of water and disembark.

There she stands…

Short in stature but MASSIVE in heart, wearing a purple fleece she comes over to greet me with her easily recognizable Irish accent. We dispense with hand shakes as she pulls me closer for a hug, the type of hug your loving gran would give you.

Accompanied with her is the schools principal Amanda, concealing a pair of socks that one of the children had obviously temporarily misplaced.

I feel the immediate need to straighten up and count my words as one does when faced with any principal. Amanda on the hunt for the owner of the socks politely excuses herself and walks off with purpose.


The Need

Any fantastic facility such as this relies largely on donations. Feeding, clothing and educating these children in a safe environment does not come without a cost. Every measure is taken to ensure nothing goes to waste.

Winter is especially dire as the temperatures can quickly becoming freezing. Blankets are always welcomed.


You can read the full story here

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